How To Copy n Paste
This tip will save you a lot of typing! In order to copy/paste: 

For this example we are going to copy a url (a web site address) 
from this document and paste it in the url box at the 
top of this page so you can get to the page without any typing.
This is the url-

1. Highlight: Place your mouse cursor to the left of the url. 
Hold down your left mouse button and drag your cursor over 
the text you wish to copy. 
Release your mouse button. You will see the text highlighted!
2. Right click. Click on Copy. Your text is now copied to the clipboard.
3. Place your cursor in the url box at the top of this page.
(This text should be there now-
If the url is not already highlighted, hold down your left mouse button and drag your cursor over the text until its all highlighted.  Release your mouse button and 
DON'T move your cursor.
4. Right click. Click on Paste.  Your new text should now be visible.
You just performed COPY N PASTE.  You have now copied the text without typing everything all over again.  To get to the web site just press ENTER.

Now, the Windows clipboard can only remember what you copied once.
Spartan Multi Clipboard can remember multiple clips and it is the best 
clipboard tool that I have used.

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