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Roy's HELP!!! & Utility Page
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This site is here to make your Windows95+ PC easier to use.
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You can get a lot of FREE  utilities from the internet if you know where to look.
I have tried to bring most of them  to this page.  Have fun.
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June 1999- Check out my "Dream" PC, the Sony PCV-L600 VAIO.
March 2000- I ended up buying this loaded Compaq 7478 for $974 at Circuit City.
On this page you will find:

1) Tips
2) Utilities
3) Freeware
4) Shareware/Freeware Sites  and
5) Building web pages with Netscape Communicator's Composer

If you share your e-address or want to access your email from different PCs
you can get your own e-address at Address.com and Email.com for free.  This is a great offer.
Get a LIFETIME address here so you don't have to notify everyone your new e-address every time you change ISPs.
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I have received a lot of useful tips from Tipworld.
The 20 Most Questions asked about Windows 95.
Apps  that could show up in wintask.
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If you are sickof SPAM check out Counterexploitation
Check your internet speed:
McAfee  and   and  DSL Reports
Here are some of the useful utilities that I have downloaded from these Sites.  Many are FREE:
Here are my favorite FREE Utilities: Classic Clipboard  |  Dunce  |  PowerToys   |  TopDesk
Freezip- Work with your Zip files.
Pop-Up Stopper  Stops pop-up windows when surfing.FREE
EFax.com-Receive fax via email.
Fontviewer-Lets you easily see your fonts.FREE
Startup Control Panel-Disable apps that start up along with your PC.FREE
LeakTest Check your PC for leaks-Test your firewall.FREE
ZoneAlarm  Put up a firewall.  MUST HAVE for cable and dsl users. Suggested by Dave.FREE
Tweaking Toolbox for Windows  Restore Windows 95 like cascading menus to the Start Menu
FreeMeter Monitors system performance.FREE
Iconlock Useful if you switch screen resolutions often.
1st Impresson Use your own photos for Start-up/Shutdown Logos- This is TOO EZ to use!FREE
Taskbar Clock Enhancement Ojai Roy's Clock New Years Eve Clock
This is my actual clock. FREE
PowerDesk File Manager  Dual-pane file management windows, a file finder, zip and unzip capabilities.FREE
CallWave Answers calls while you are online.
Transparent  Get rid of the block background on your icons.FREE
PowerToy-Tweak UI Win98 Enables Further customization. FREE
Aladdin Expander  Convert those pesky Mac binhex files to your PC.FREE
BestCrypt  Delete your deleted files. FREE
Classic Clipboard  The BEST clipboard I've seen.  Stores up to 3,000 clippings.FREE
Mail Start  Check for "New Mail" from your POP server remotely.  Works GREAT!FREE
MBBookmark  Translates your bookmarks between Netscape and Microsoft.FREE
Catch·UP™ Lets you update the  software applications and hardware drivers installed
on your PC quickly, simply and with no hassles. FREE
NetMon 2.0  Similiar to NetMeter. FREE
NetMeter  Displays your real bps.
Norton AntiVirus Scanner---FREE
Netscape Communicator---FREE
ClipPlus---Very BIG improvement from the stock clipboard. FREE
Dunce---Pushes "Connect" button on Dialer, and can open up Netscape all with the same click. FREE
RTV Reco--- Automatic Button Pusher. FREE
CPUMon---Lets you know how hard your PC is working, similar to a Tachometer. FREE
Sleep Corners---Quickly activate your Screensaver. FREE
SnadBoy's Desktop---Activate Desktop icons even with windows maximized.FREE
PowerToys Get rid of those annoying shortcut arrows with Tweak UI...plus more.FREE
Wintune 97 Quick Check-up for you PC. FREE
Infoseek Quickseek  Insert their "Search Box" on your browser for easy access. FREE
Mail Alert---Alerts you in many ways that you have new mail.
Window Blinds-

FreeWare Sites
FreeByte Good listing of free antivirus apps
Roy Welch's Freeware page
Freeware32  Great Site!!
Freeware95 Great Site!!
Freeware Publishing Great Site!!
Window Magazines 50 Fantastic Free Files Great Site!!
Freeware Home Start Up Screens and MANY categories!!  Great Site!!
Freeware Web Small but good site.
The Free Site Unique Utilities.
Windows Magazine Freeware Site takes a while to download, but worth it.
Window Magazines "Must-Haves".
Microsoft Freeware So So...
Free 4 All Great site for Webmasters
Pal Talk A free WWW phone sent in by Charles.
6 Net Phones  (Jan. 1999)  Make PC calls around the world for FREE.
Shareware/Freeware Sites
Tucows  Great Site!!
Windows 98.com
Dave Central
Gif Animators  Add some movement to your pages.
Winmags 100 Best Shareware & Freeware May 1998  Worth a look.
My Virtual Reference Desk  More free stuff then shareware.  Very good site.
ZD Net/PC Computing Great Site!!
Sander's Keyscreen
My Desktop.com
Windows 32bit.com
Windows 95.com

You can get some space back by shrinking your temp directory.
Web Page Builder Info
using Netscape Composer
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Building web pages