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"Please show your GEMCO card at the front desk..."
Gemco gave the $1.00 fees to the student scholarship fund.

Sent in by Roxanna Davison Sullivan in June 2002.
It's in great shape for being made in 4-1980.
Send me your Gemco memorabilia for this site
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I was the Audio Manager at the Granada Hills store and had a great
Audio Crew helping me run the Dept. and I didn't realize it at the time,
so my apologies to them.

Kim Stout

Gabrielle Benitez (Contacted in 2010)
Francine Susser (Contacted in 2014)
David Epstein (Contacted in 2009)
Dave Schipper
Guy Simmons and Terri
Eric Riggert  (Contacted in 2007)
Scott Pullman  (Contacted in 2008)
John  (I talked to him at the Simi WalMart in 2005)
If any of you read this please call me
or email me

GEMCO Commercial

That the Granada Hills store was only 2 miles from the
famous Knott's Landing culdesac?  Many people thought it was along the
peaceful coast but it was really backed up against the noisy and
busy Balboa Blvd.  The street was named Seaview Circle in the
series but was actually Crystalaire Place. 
I found the street because the producers left
addresses on the house and they
were viewable during the shows. 
I got my Thomas Bros. map out

and looked for that address on a culdesac
and came up with some
I tried
Crystalaire Place first since it was down the street from work and when I drove into the culdesac my mouth dropped!  There were the houses from Knott's Landing!
Over the years I would go there during lunch and see lots of tapings and it was really cool to see all the famous actors.  Alec Baldwin was one of the nicest actors there even though his character Joshua Rush was convincingly mean.  This shows how good of an actor Alec was!
Added August 2010- Please read this important info about the famous culdesac.
View map | Google Street View

That is the most asked question.
Thanks to Glendora for the detailed answer:
Lucky Stores sold GEMCO to buy back Lucky stock to
defend a hostile takeover. In 1986 Lucky was the subject of a hostile takeover attempt by Asher Edelman. The board resisted this attempt by simplifying the company and returning it to its core business: groceries. Before this takeover attempt, Lucky owned auto-parts stores, women’s retail clothing stores, grocery stores, and fabric stores in several states (Lucky’s business included Hancock Fabrics, Piccadilly, Checker Auto Parts, Dorman’s Auto Parts, Kragen Auto Parts, Yellow Front Discount Department Store, Gemco Membership Department Stores, Kash & Karry Grocery, and Eagle Stores). Lucky’s ventures were trimmed back and it became solely a chain in certain western states. This re-organization was very successful and Lucky prospered as a grocery chain.
Posted on Jan. 27, 2006.
Visit the Asher Edelman  page I made.

The Gemco price code
(Thanks to Patricia Castillo for reminding us about this.)
Let's see how this worked on a price
tag that Mary McQ sent us in 2006-

K3-  K is the 11th letter in the alphabet so
this item was put on the shelf on Nov. 1983.
SMG-There is no S in the Gemco code, it is
just a spacer.  M=8 and G=6.
So the cost of this item was 86 cents.
The 9 stood for the Dept. number,
in this case, Variety.
Click  here to see what Mary's price tag is on.

Are you a former employee of GEMCO or know someone who is?
I made a GEMCO web page so all of us can keep in touch
and maybe have a nice get-together sometime.
Please fill out the Gemco Guestbook so we can a have a page
of the names of former GEMCO employees.
Please bookmark the Gemco page and check the Guestbook
 to see who else has checked in.
I worked for Gemco from 1978 to 1986.

I started in the Simi store (1978-81) and worked at Northridge (1981-82)
Pomona (1982-83) and Granada Hills (1983-1986),
working in the Audio Department.
The best store managers I worked for were
Merle Mitchell (Simi) and Bonnie (Pomona)
and some of the best assistants managers were
Karen Elson and Steve Madrigal.
I met a lot of great people and GEMCO treated us very well.
Roy Hooper

NEW-November 2011- Carla Lewis sent in this photo of the Simi Gemco crew.

August 2010- Pat Flynn sent in issues of the Gemco Employee Newsletters.
Gemco 1980 Courier sent in by Jodie!

Gemco Photo Album and Memorabilia.
View GEMCO Guestbook .
View the addresses and phone numbers of the Gemcos upto 1980.
Thanks to all of you who have found the Gemco Site, employees as well as the happy customers.
Gemco treated us well and reading the comments in the Guestbook confirms that.
When you tell your friends about the site, they can search for "Gemco Stores" to find it.
Thanks, Roy
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