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Just bought a 1981 CB900 Custom, has 5000 miles on it and its like new,
do have any idea what their worth today.......
You must have had offers for yours and its really a great looking bike.
Mine still has all the tags and stickers on it.......
Pulled it out of a garage for $500.00 it sat for 10 years with gas in it!!
My email address is..... rebard@ns.neiu.k12.pa.us
No name
May 2001
I was searching the net to obtain some information on Karen and found your site.
Actually, I'm assisting in getting talent together for the Williamsburg (VA) Film Festival for 2002 and
would like to contact Karen to attend.  I met her on a flight between Los Angeles and Atlanta nearly 30
years ago and corresponded for a short while.  She was coming to Atlanta to
visit her sister in law who had just given birth.
Anyway, if you have a way to contact her or put me in touch, I would certainly appreciate it.
Thank you and I enjoyed your web site.
I'll email you a photo Karen sent my wife and I back then so you can add it to your site.
Larry Blanks
May 2001

I just happened across your website while trying to dig up some information
on Karen Valentine.  Many years ago, she and I worked together on "The
Hollywood Squares".  Karen and I were very friendly acquaintances, we
traveled together on some Hollywood Squares junkets and attended parties at
each other's homes.  I have just sold a book to Rutledge Hill Press called
"Backstage with the Original Hollywood Square" and am trying to reach Karen
for an interview, as she was an integral part of the show.  I heard that she
moved to New York, but am having a lot of trouble tracking her down.  Can
anybody on this site help me?  I'd sure appreciate it.
Adrienne Armstrong
May 2001

Adrienne Armstrong
AdriennArmstrong@aol.com Name: Frank Gallagher
Email: yukon1@nbnet.nb.ca
Comment: Hey man, nice site.  I have a 80 CB900 with the HiLo gearing.  This
bike is in mint condition with under 40 kilometers on it.  I also have a
sweet 90 Honda Accord XR .  I love both those vehicles.
Sat, 24 Mar 2001

Name: Tim P
Comments: Hey Roy,   Site’s looking good. Your pictures are very crisp, and colorful.
I like the “What’s new” section on the index page. Keep it up.  Tim
Tuesday February 20th 2001
Name:  Heather
Email address:  Heather3000@email.com
Comments: We have a 1985 Honda Prelude that has 110,000 miles on it.  It started running real rough so
my Dad and I searched the internet for help and found your page about
vacuum hoses, http://www.royhooper.com/vacuumhose.html,
and did exactly what you said to do.  Our Prelude runs like new again, we can't believe it.
The vacuum hose cost us only $3 at Autozone and it took me and my Dad 20 minutes
to work on it.  Thanks a lot for the help.
Wednesday February 7th 2001

Name: Irene LoConto
How did you find my Site?: search engine
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Comments: Can you give me any info on how to obtain VHS copies of Room 222 episodes?
Friday February 2nd 2001
Name: Roy
Homepage URL: http://www.tricountymotorcycles.com
How did you find my Site?: The Webamster
Comments: Chris, I don't know if they buy parts but you might try http://www.tricountymotorcycles.com and see if they will buy the pipes. Roy
Wednesday January 31st 2001 
Name: Chris DeHart
How did you find my Site?: search engine
City: Lexington
State: NC
Comments: I have the orginal pipes for my old 81 900c..The pipes had holes where the muffler met the heard..I had a friend mig weld some pieces over the wholes and the work as good as new now..I have sold my bike and took them off becaus I like the 4 inyo 1 header sound better..Any way i am looking for a buyer for these pipes..I konw they have some value being that a new set runs @ $600..Any ideas??Could you point me to someone who might be interested in buying them? Thanks, Chris DEHart
Wednesday January 31st 2001 
Name: -=\\DAYSTAR//=-
How did you find my Site?: randomly
City: San Jose
State: Cal
Comments: your site isP.s. I have lots of Harley pics at my site! 
Thursday January 25th 2001 02:05:30
Name: Tom Vaillencourt
How did you find my Site?: search engine
City: norwich
State: ct
Comments: last spring I bought a Honda CB650 custom and For 3 weeks it ran great, but then one day in the middle of a ride it just puttered out and never ran the same again. the battery had died, and now it wont hold a charge. i have to charge it up before every ride and it is only good for about 20 minutes. If it is the regulator, the local honda shop wants 220$ for a new one but they wont even test it to find out if thats the problem. its a privately owned shop and thus they hold a policy of not even looking at a bike over ten years old.This is only my second bike and my first was a yamaha which was stolen a month after i got it, so i have no idea how to fix it or diagnose the problem. can you help me figure out the problem? because i missed out on all the rides last summer and i dont want to miss any this year.
Sunday January 21st 2001 08:02:40
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How did you find my Site?: Search Engine
City: Sialkot
State: pUNJAB
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Monday January 8th 2001 05:17:20
Name: linda mitchell weisfuss
How did you find my Site?: gemco christmas party
City: simi 
State: ca
Comments: roy thanks for the web page on gemco we had good times that was my fun young years age 20 to 25 it was so good to see alot of old faces we had fun with and when lou dod song to us that was greatttttttttt I listed my name as linda mitchell I got married when I worked there in 1974 a man I met through working at gemco we were married 25 years befor he died and I had 2 children thanks to gemco 
Thursday December 28th 2000 12:07:50
Name: bob miller
How did you find my Site?: serched aol
City: bakersfield
State: cal
Comments: planning our 1st Annual Bakersfield Bike Bash, Kern county Soccer Park, June 1-3. Trying to make it as big as possible, Dealers, Vendors, concessionaires committed. Trying to budget entertainment at this time. hope to see some of your group riding into the park for this event. Bob Miller 661-872-4567, tri650bob@aol.com
Wednesday December 27th 2000 10:42:48
Name: Pat Smith
E-mail address: turbot@inreach.com
How did you find my Site?: search engine
City: valley Springs
State: CA
Comments: I saw your web site and photos of the 1986 IMSA GTP race from Riverside. Nice shots. I have some photos of the race but I don't have the race program so that I am not sure who the drivers were at the time. I have the 87 program but there is very little mention of the previous race. I could use the information from the 87 race but drivers tend to move around a lot and I want to be accurate. If I send you thumbnail photos could you help me out. I was hoping you bought the 86 program. I was almost killed at that race just after the restart following the big wreck. We were sitting on the outside of turn 3 and I told my buddy "why don't we move to turn 6 ffor the restart. We had just moved to turn 6 and the race restarted. A few laps into the race a camaro lost control and went through the chain link right where we were sitting and hit the car that was at our back. My friend has his 2 small children with him and we were so lucky. Evidently some other people that took our spot were pinned against the car from the wreck. When I get a feeling now, I act on it. Thanks Pat Smith Check out my website. It's a lot of vintage Can-am, stock cars etc from Riverside and drag racing from the area.
Friday December 22nd 2000 04:54:39
Name: LHG
How did you find my Site?: Searched for Honda CB900 Custom
City: Orlando
State: FL
Comments: I have '81 Honda CB900 Custom, 11,000 miles. Two rotors, a regulator, new batter has not solved the problem of chargeing the batter via the rotor. The M/C uses the charge of the batter (from external source), but does not keep the batter charged. The local Honda dealership kept the cycle 6 weeks in March/April, 2000. For many months the problem has persisted. Have any suggestions? I will appreciate your input. Sure would like to have a dependable cycle for Bike Week in Daytona coming up in March.
Monday December 18th 2000 06:18:13
Name: LHG
How did you find my Site?: Searched for Honda CB900 Custom
City: Orlando
State: FL
Comments: I have '81 Honda CB900 Custom, 11,000 miles. Two rotors, a regulator, new batter has not solved the problem of charger the batter via the rotor. The M/C uses the charge of the batter (from external source), but does not keep the batter charged. The local Honda dealership kept the cycle 6 weeks in March/April, 2000. For many months the problem has persisted. Have any suggestions? I will appreciate your input. Sure would like to have a dependable cycle for Bike Week in Daytona coming up in March.
Monday December 18th 2000 06:10:26
Name: Pat 
How did you find my Site?: Great
Comments: Hi I am located in Brantford ONt. Canada. I have a 1984 Prelude the same colour as yours. The car is experiencing starting problems. I took it to a mechanic and he changed the insulators and got the vacuum working in the choke recoil area, but it still has difficulties starting when it's warm. Any ideas?? Also, can a manual choke be installed? Car runs great once it's started. Pat
Monday December 11th 2000 09:51:23
Name: Andrew Pirim
How did you find my Site?: Riding clubs link from Motorcycle Consumer News
City: Woodland Hills
State: CA
Comments: I need some Unbiasd oppinions before I buy. I have not ridden in soem years, so I am taking the clases and looking for bikes. Like you, I do not like the loud and some time obnactious Harley's. I have been looking at Primarily Honda Shadow's ot the Yamaha Cruisers (Road Star, V-Star...) I will be riding just on weekends and no farther than about 100 miles (for now) My question to you; 1) Do you get disrespect from other bike owners, or do they call you a Harley Wanna-be because of the style of the Honda or the Yamaha. 2) Is it worth to spend the extra money and get the new Harley you spoke of. Your site was informative. Thank you, Andrew Pirim Woodland Hills, CA 
Wednesday December 6th 2000 12:11:59
Name: Kara
How did you find my Site?: surfing for motorcycles
City: Ukiah
State: Ca
Comments: I have a red Honda 650 just like yours! It felt neat seeing a photo of it on the web. Hey, you're on MY bike! How do you like yours? Aren't they great? So smooth and sporty and I take it camping a lot in the forests up here. Happy riding! Kara Here is the page that I am referring to http://www.royhooper.com/mcchart.htm
Tuesday November 28th 2000 05:56:55
Name: Ojai Roy
E-mail address: WEBMASTER
Homepage URL: http://www.accwhse.com/clymer.htm
Comments: Phillip Brown, click on the link above and you can order a manual that will have all the specs.
Monday October 2nd 2000 09:05:44
Name: Philip Brown
How did you find my Site?: excite search
City: Rio Rico
State: AZ
Comments: I just purchased an '82 Honda CB900 Custom. It needs some cosmetic work, but runs fine. The reason I'm writing is to find out if you have any information on this bike, as I haven't been able to find any. I just want like the factory specs, mostly for curiosity's sake. Thank you for your help. Philip
Saturday September 30th 2000 08:15:04
Name: Thomas A. Harleman
How did you find my Site?: internet
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Comments: I was a HUGE IMSA GTP fan. I would like to know how I can get the car set for Indycar 2 that has GTP cars in it. Please help!
Thursday September 28th 2000 06:13:17
Name: JimmyX
Homepage URL: http://jimmyxrakewhite.cjb.net
How did you find my Site?: search engine
City: blah
State: blah
Comments: where can i get the imsa gtp patch cause the pits doesnt have it
Tuesday September 26th 2000 12:27:55
Name: David Richards
Homepage URL: http://davidrich7.tripod.com
How did you find my Site?: stumbled upon it a year ago
City: Oxnard
State: Ca
Comments: I wanted to say that I found your netscape tutorial very helpful. I have all but migrated to linux completely, and that meant giving up the "front page" crutch for my website. Redhat 6.2 comes with netscape 4.72, and I find composer to be very similar to front page in the wysiwyg aspect. Although, I find tags are irritating as shit. lol Thanks again for the great site. I will have to send you another desktop soon. Dave Richards
Tuesday September 19th 2000 06:23:08
Name: sam
E-mail address: hisamm
How did you find my Site?: yahoo
City: KL
State: My
Comments: i bought cb350f since 1977. since 2 years ago i can't run the machine because it need to be repaired / overhaull. the problem i can not find the spare part in my country. how could i solve this problem? please help me.
Monday September 18th 2000 12:35:53
Name: Jim
How did you find my Site?: yahoo
City: newhall
State: ca
Comments: Can you tell me what happened to Gemco? Does it still exist? If it does, who owns it? Where are they located at? The reason that I am asking is that I own stock in a company that is rumored to be in discussions with GEMCO. I would appreciate any information that you could give me. Thanks, Jim
Wednesday September 13th 2000 10:19:01
Name: Bonnie Dahle
How did you find my Site?: I searched for Gemco getting the name from the box to an item I purchased
City: West Jordan
State: UT
Comments: I would like to know if Gemco makes a rack to store vegetable cans, soup cans, etc similar to the one they make for soda pop cans. Also, item no 1012 does not work on the new size soda pop cans.
Thursday August 31st 2000 06:44:18
Name: Rick Damrel
How did you find my Site?: Yahoo
City: Long Beach
State: Ca
Comments: Wher did you get you fairing/windshield on your Bike?
Thursday August 24th 2000 01:22:22
Name: Roy
Comments: JON: you can use a car to jump a motorcycle battery. New batteries are available at auto part stores. Hope this helps.
Wednesday August 23rd 2000 08:50:09
How did you find my Site?: yahoo
City: san leandro 
State: ca
Comments: I have an 84 CB900 custom with a drained battery. I tried to push start it but had no luck. Is there anyway to jump it from a car battery, or do I have to remove and charge it up? 
Wednesday August 23rd 2000 07:53:54
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