Honda 1981 GL1100 Goldwing
Maintenance Chart
Uncle Jed, I done take a lotta trips during the first year I had the Goldwing:  20k miles in 12 months.
July 2001- I got 20k miles from the Dunlops, and that includes a lot of aggressive canyon driving.
Date Miles Work Done Cost w/ Labor
5-00 33k Purchased Bike
5-00 34k Dunlop K491 Elite 2 @ Cal Coast 340
6-00 37k Plugs, Oil, Sync Carbs, Adjust Valves-Timing, misc. 200
8-00 40k Rear Progressive  Air Shocks 250/Myself
9-00 41k Adjust Valves Myself
10-00 42k Motul Synthetic Oil, Fork Seals, New Front Brake Reservoir 190
12-00 48k Filled battery  
3-01 50k Adjust valves, new plugs, Motul Synthetic Oil- 10-40, Filled battery Myself
7-01 54k Dunlop K491 Elite 2 @  Factory Performance Center 290
7-01 54k Rear brake pads - 31 parts/ 29 labor 60
9-01 56k Back to Castrol GTX-Bike happier Myself
2-02 63k Oil, adjust valves, new rear tire (screw puncture)  
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