"MP3 it!"
If you like jazz, 
you can download some 
guitar songs by Charo.
MP3 is a compressed audio file, about 1/10 
the size of the original.
Say you have a 5 minute long song on your CD,
it is about 50mbs.  But when converted to an 
mp3 file it is only about 5mb. 
A typical CD can hold about 700mbs and 
about only 70 minutes worth of music.
But a MP3 CD can hold up to 12 HOURS of music.
When you download MP3s you also have a choice of
Bitrate which signifies the sound quality.
The higher the number the better sound 
but also the bigger file size.
I suggest downloading at least at 128.
If you want to convert your CD songs to mp3 you will need Easy CD Ripper.

If you want to "rip" songs from DVDs you can use DVD Audio Ripper.
To download MP3s  use Limewire, Kazaa and/or Winmx.
To listen to MP3s on my PC I use Winamp  and it has a ten band EQ.

Check out some portable MP3 players 
from MP3 Player Store
and from Wholesalers-Direct.com
They are a retailer of portable MP3 music players and accessories.

Also available are car CD players that will play MP3s.

I then use Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 to burn my MP3 CDs

"MP3 it!"