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Karen Valentine 
&  Room 222

Hollywood Squares photo sent in by 
Felipe Sandoval-Norwalk, California
Feb. 2002-I made a gallery for her photos.
I have always liked the 60's TV show "Room 222"  which ran from 1969 to 1974.
The students with their afros and funky clothes and the  teachers trying their best to get
along with the students.
I wish they would show this series again because even though it was
produced  forty years ago,  the issues and the students are still identical.
I love the Room 222 theme song!  It was composed by
Benny Golson and Jerry Goldsmith.
If you have any photos of the lovely
Karen Valentine
please send them to me so I can post them on this page.

Beautiful student Helen Loomis
played by Judy Strangis.
IMDB page
Tribute page

Letter from her 2nd cousin.
My Karen photo gallery.
Christopher Angel tells us that will come out with the DVD in March 2008.

The "First" Room 222 Theme Song  70 kb
Second Version  300 kb
The newer Theme song that begins with the Flute.  800 kb
I use this song to notify me of "New Mail" and it's my favorite version.

Russ Roth sent in this link about a song called
"Karen Valentine" by Idle Jets.
Movies Karen did.
And now to see what has happened to Karen Valentine...
This video is from January 9th, 2009
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