In memory of KEK,
The most obnoxious 435 DRUNK.
God bless him!
Grab a drink while the photos download...
-Captions sent in by you scum bags-
This site made on December 12, 1998...when I was still alive!

You are seeing BUZ's reaction when UKN  said
"Did I mention my son Rusty is out of town this weekend?"

Anguy!!  Stuffing himself at the "Palos Verdes Pizza Shootout"1995.
Contenders where Anguy, Harold and CDX.  Who won?  I forgot!!

Anguy, Harold and Janet

Leon with his phony white cane and Anguy.
Leon is saying "Yes, I am a soft skinned Brazilian boy, why do you ask?"

Ojai Roy, Donna, (DDR's Wife) and Eric, MTW
at the Hong Kong Inn, Ventura, 435  Thompson Blvd. 

Elaine, Arnie, Heidi, CKK and Ojai Roy at the Hong Kong Inn.

WGS and Anguy

Heidi and the Lil' Bastard!


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You guys take care now and I'll see you here eventually.

Remember---"5 watts down the coast."