Commentary on the Death of
Mr. Frank A. Rechard, KD6KEK
(to be read on Ham Radio's Newsline)
On Tuesday, February 16th at 8:44 AM,
one of Amateur Radio's most
energetic and amiable operators,
Mr. Frank A. Rechard, 
passed away from a major heart attack.  
Mr. Rechard, a long time resident of 
Marina del Rey, California, was well known 
within the Amateur Radio community.  
He exemplified the camaraderie Ham Radio
has always represented and served
to further the true spirit of the Service,
by his many selfless and compassionate deeds.  
Mr. Frank A. Rechard, KD6KEK,  
will be sorely missed by the multitude
of Amateur Operators in the
Southern California area, who have been 
fortunate enough to  have enjoyed his 
articulate, stimulating personality. 
May you rest in peace, Frank.
By Clive, AA6TZ

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