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Welcome to my Web Site you JACKBITES.
    Started on March 1, 1999   

Welcome to my Web Site you
This is N6MMMMM-ZED-A,

I am your leader and you will
do as you are told!!

We need a photo of
Mr. Sheen to place here.

Here is a note from
Tim's wife Peggy.
I wanted to thank you for the N6MZA web site. This is the first time in 6 months since he has been gone, hearing his voice again made me feel good to hear it again. I thank you for what you did in the memory of the BIG DOG. I would like to change the picture on it though. I really can't believe that he is gone. I know he is watching over us. He will always be N6MZA THE BIG DOG. He loved the 435ers.
Thursday, June 7th 2007

I recently went back to San Diego,
making sure I steered away from the SDPD,
to meet Riley and retake the ham test. 
I had no reason to study for I am a smart man. 
I easily blurted out my answers
 as my lovely wife read me the questions.
It took Riley about 5 minutes to grade my test. 
He then looked at me, 
and trying to keep from laughing he said
"You failed!   You failed the NOVICE! 
How can you NOT pass the novice!!??"
Well, I took it the second time and still did not pass.
I do not know when I will head back to San Diego
to try to get my ham license back.
This in N6MMMMMMMMMMM-Zed-A...clear.
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Amateur Radio Newsline
The FCC has shut down
               for 120 days the K7IJ repeater facility on Grizzly Peak in the San Francisco Bay area
               and told the licensee his ham ticket could be in jeopardy. The FCC took the action by
               modifying K7IJ's license to prohibit repeater operation starting midnight February 28,
               1999. The repeater operates on 145.29, 223.78, 440.175, and 441.175 MHz. The FCC
               also set aside recent license grants of four individuals accused of unlicensed operation on
               the repeater prior to obtaining their amateur tickets and other behavior. The cases, the
               first major VHF/UHF enforcement actions the FCC has taken in recent months, were
               brought to the Commission's attention by the Amateur Auxiliary. The FCC's Riley
               Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, said that for almost a year, the repeater's control operator,
               identified as Blake B. Jenkins, N6YSA, of Berkeley, California, "has apparently not only
               allowed, but encouraged, use of the repeater by unlicensed operators, rebroadcast of
               cordless telephone calls, playing of music, and profanity and obscenity." He said extended
               QSOs have taken place between the control operator and unlicensed stations.
               Hollingsworth said the situation was brought to the attention of the licensee, Bruce
               Wachtell of Carson City, Nevada, but nothing was done. "Such operations are not only
               contrary to the Amateur Radio Service rules and frequency allocations, but degrade the
               service for legitimate radio licensees as well," Hollingsworth said in a certified letter to
               Wachtell February 25. "The operation of the K7IJ repeater system in this manner may
               reflect adversely upon your qualifications to hold a Commission license." Hollingsworth
               said Jenkins' "actions and omissions" while control operator were under separate FCC
               review, along with those of the secondary control op, Steven R. Rossi, KE6LNH, of
               Novato, California. The FCC set aside the recent license grants or upgrades of James C.
               Walker, KF6VAA; Gordon B. Reese III, KF6QKA; Michael J. Nichols, KF6UAS; and
               Eric B. Shuler, KF6BMG (ex-KF6UJU) pending further investigation. The FCC has
               permitted Reese, who just upgraded to Tech Plus, to retain his Technician operating
               privileges while its investigation continues. The FCC also warned Mervyn Ehambrave of
               E Palo Alto, California, about unlicensed operation on the K7IJ repeater, and warned
               Timmy O Sheen Sr, N6MZA, about behavior including "jamming and rebroadcasts of
               cordless phones" on the repeater, Hollingsworth said. 
God bless all my fans out there!
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