The ARRL Letter Online

Volume 18, Number 19 (May 7, 1999) 


The FCC has notified one of the figures in the K7IJ repeater shutdown case--Timmy O. Sheen Jr, N6MZA,
 pictured, of San Diego--that he must re-take his Technician Plus amateur examination under the supervision of FCC personnel. Sheen must complete the retesting by June 30. If he fails to appear for retesting his license will be cancelled.

Sheen was notified of the retesting call in a May 3 letter from the FCC's Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH. Earlier this year, the FCC issued a Warning Notice to Sheen about alleged jamming and rebroadcasts of cordless phones on the K7IJ Grizzly Peak repeater in the San Francisco Bay area. Citing what it called "an alarming and unacceptable lack of control over the operations of these repeaters," the FCC shut down the K7IJ system March 2. Hollingsworth reports that he's still mulling over the response of licensee Bruce Wachtell to FCC allegations that the repeater system was not under the proper control of the licensee or the designated control operator.

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