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My Web Site covers some of my hobbies plus other things:
In my  Miscellaneous section there is a link to Kali Manley.  Kali was a 14 year-old
Ojai teen that passed away during the 1998 Christmas vacation. 
Her friends and I made this site in her memory.
If you like to draw or look at charactoons check out Stephanie's Drawings.
Stephanie is an excellent artist and I offered to make her a site
so others can see her fine work.
For teens and adults, check out my The TV Show Room 222  page and see what 
high school was like in the early 70s.
I use to work for Gemco Department Stores and made a site for it's former employees.
I have always loved and ridden Honda motorcycles so in 1998
my Ojai friend Eric and I founded the The Ojai Valley Motorcycle Club
And check out my My 2 Honda Toys to see my car and bike.
If you live in Simi Valley visit my Photos of my Friends in Simi page and see
 if you know any of my friends.
In my Sports & Games section I made a site for our Local Girl Athletes

and we have plenty of them.
I am lucky enough to have coached some of them and wish them all
the best in College. 
My all-time favorite athlete is Sara Griffin who went to Simi High in the 90s,
 so I made her a site also.
If you are into PC games check out Road Rash Pictures and 
Indycar Racing 2, a very realistic car racing game.
I am not a chatter but I do offer The Ojai Roy Chatroom for those who wish to use it.
Now for my Computer Section.  If you are new to PCs or a veteran,

check out my Help!!!/Utility Page for lots of FREE goodies
to make your PC easier to use.
I even have a section called Show Us Your DESKTOP so you can see how 
fellow web surfers have their PCs set up.
If you want to know what's happening in Ventura County, want to see the 
Ventura Beaches LIVE or check out 
high school alumni sites then visit Cool Links.
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Have fun visiting
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